What our Customers say

"Changing from a punching machine to a laser is a major investment and MSS provided a first class solution. They had a very broad knowledge of what was available in the market and made a refurbished machine a far more viable option than purchasing new."

"Knowledgeable engineers and response times of 24 hours or less sets MSS apart from the rest."

Mike Jeffs
MPJ Fabrications Ltd

"The machine was delivered and refurbished to the exact standard promised and now produces parts, so accurately and efficiently, that we are now bringing in many hours of contract work a day, resulting in the machine being self financing. We would recommend MSS to any prospective purchaser."

John Parker
J P Exhausts (Macclesfield Laser)

"For profiling, we only had a punch press, the improved accuracy and new capabilities of laser, will be a significant addition."

Graham Gosling
Imperial College London

"We were on a fortnightly gas delivery schedule and if we ran out early we incurred high costs due to machine downtime and charges for rearranged delivery. With in-house nitrogen generation we are able to achieve continuous use of our laser."

"It is now economic for us to use nitrogen on more jobs, which produces a much better edge quality, cuts down on edge cleaning for subsequent welding or painting operations, and results in happier customers"

Graham Ackerman
Ackerman Engineering

"When cutting thick material we were often performing 30 minute gas bank changes every 90 minutes. With the MSS nitrogen generator we can run without interruption and the gas is also far cheaper"

"MSS set up the system and carried out trail cuts in one day. The equipment is very low maintenance and it is clear that laser cutting is well understood by the company."

Westley Hamer

"With one laser machine our payback was less than three years, now that we have a second machine the payback is even shorter."

"The modular gas generation unit was an important factor, ensuring that the system would be able to grow alongside our requirements"

John Roche
Border Precision

"We've run solely on the nitrogen generator since November 2005 and have had no customer complaints due to edge quality, no breakdowns, no 'gas-outs' and never had to supplement the generator output with bottled nitrogen. In other words, the generator has done exactly what it says on the tin"

Martin Cook
Cutting Technologies



All of our machines are subject to stringent reconditioning procedures and quality appraisal prior to delivery, so they perform to original specification and look and work as good as new, but at a fraction of the price.