Deburring & Edge Rounding Machines for Sale

Introducing metal deburring and edge rounding machines suitable for laser, plasma, shear and punching cut parts. These machines are equipped with different technologies such as deburring contact rollers, edge rounding cross belts or planetary brushes offering soft and clean edges, burr-free, with maximum consistency both on external and internal edges.



Edge Rounding

The DM1100C and DM1600C remove sharp edges on inside and outside contours of stainless steel, steel and aluminium parts cut by laser, punching or shearing.

These edge rounding machines can  work parts as small as 50x50mm and feature a double top cross belt head which performs edge rounding leaving soft and clean edges on the entire metal surface.

The DM1600C offers a larger conveyor belt with 1600mm width which enables the work of large metal sheets and also an higher production speed on smaller parts.


Edge Rounding with Deburring station

The DM660ZDM1100ZC and DM660ZPK are deburring and edge rounding machines for sheet metal and parts cut by punching, shearing, laser or plasma.

Removing burrs and creating round edges using cross belt technology is possible on parts up to 660mm width and on some as small as 50x50mm.

The DM660ZPK utilises planetary brush technology and features a dedicated deburring contact roller head before the edge rounding process.







Edge Rounding


Oxide Removal


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