Onsite High Pressure Compressed Air Systems

Designed for Laser Cutting Assist Gas

The AirCube Range

Available in 2 standard models providing compressed air for laser cutting at 15 bar or 40 bar pressure. The AirCube range has been specifically designed for laser cutting applications. 

The AirCube range also includes MSS high purity filtration and oil vapour removal technology as standard.

High purity, oil-free air is delivered at flow rates at 155 m3/hr.


Features & benefits of MSS AirCube compared with traditional gas supply

  • Lower assist gas costs compared to nitrogen or oxygen
  • Compact footprint
  • Fully integrated compressor, booster and filtration technology
  • Aluminium edge quality the same as cutting with N2*
  • Reduce burr in aluminium at greater speed
  • Cut mild steel more cost effectively than with nitrogen
  • Only requires electrical energy supply
  • Simple installation within 1 hour, Plug & Play

*Edge quality on stainless and mild steel lightly compromised compared to pure nitrogen or mix gas



Save Money

Low cost high pressure air cutting

  24 Hour operation

 24/7 continuous operation with no machine downtime, no gas waste or running out of gas unexpectedly.

  Low Cost Cutting

Allows fiber lasers to cut carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium for less cost than oxygen and nitrogen assist gases

  Self financing

The system can be financed using regular payments that would otherwise have been used for other cutting gas supplies.

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