MSS Group Supports COVID-19 Supply Efforts with Oxygen Generators

4 Apr 2020


Across the world, governments and health authorities are working together to find solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic, to protect people and to provide life-saving care. Now the gas generation industry is contributing by using its innovation to help save lives.

In this spirit, MSS Group has been working hard to supply OxyCube on-site Oxygen generation equipment to keep hospital ventilators running.

Carlos Gonzalez-Lee, CEO of MSS Group, prioritised the project recently.

"Oxygen shortages and difficulties in expanding storage quickly are now a major problem for hospital bosses dealing with COVID-19 patients" said Carlos “I could not standby, so I decided we needed to use our gas generation skills to come up with a product to help with the continuity of the supply of oxygen, with the first systems available from the middle to the end of May".

MSS Group has over 15 years of experience manufacturing on-site gas generation equipment, which unlike traditional gas delivery methods, offers a unique solution to the risk of oxygen shortages and disruptions associated with oxygen supplies usually delivered by truck.

In addition, MSS has teamed up with a company that previously made medical ventilators which were supplied via Draeger into the NHS.

“They have a cost-effective mechanical ventilator prototype ready for approval” said Carlos.

See the working prototype in action here.

MSS is working to help provide practical solutions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic with its onsite Oxygen generation systems and network of manufacturers. 


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