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View our range of Bodor fiber laser cutting machines - to get the job done

  • Low cost
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Full support & training from MSS
  • 3-Year warranty

A perfect fit for a wide range of applications and budgets

  • Automotive
  • Jewelry
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Commercial / Retail
  • Tooling

Cut carbon steel, stainless, aluminium, brass

Our range of Bodor laser cutting machines are equipped with leading technologies
such as automatic focusing and cast-iron beds for high-speed and high-accuracy cutting. 

Each machine comes with full installation, training and support from MSS the UK's largest independant laser specialists.


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Built to Laser

Ultimate Productivity, Repeatability and Reliability

  Low Cost + Exceptional Performance

Bodor lasers offer the most cost effective solution for a new fiber laser machine.

Available in a range of specifications these machines provide clever time-saving, space-saving and energy-saving technologies such as automatic nozzle selection, efficient controls, intelligent gas monitoring and more.

  High Precision

Achieve high-speed, high-acceleration and high-precision cutting for thick and thin material.

  Repeatability & Reliability

Simple maintenance and proactive monitoring keep unncessary downtime to a minimum.

  Dedicated Support

Fully installed and fully trained - with expert support from MSS on hand when you need it.

All Bodor Fiber Lasers for Sale

New high quality sheet metal laser cutting machines for all budgets and applications


i3 Linear Series

A compact design makes the i3 Series a simple and space saving solution. Available in a range of Laser powers from 1kw to 3kw

  • Space saving 600x600mm work area
  • Extremely precise and fast linear motor technology

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i5 Series

A larger work area makes the i5 Series a simple and effective solution. Available in a range of Laser powers from 1kw to 3kw.

  • Space saving 900 x 1300mm work area
  • Cast aluminium crossbeam

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i7 Series

A pull-out workbench design makes the i7 Series a versatile and space saving solution. Available in a range of Laser powers from 1kw to 3kw.

  • Space saving 1000 x 1500mm work area
  • Pull-out workbench drawer

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P Series

The P Series is a flatbed champion. Available in a range of Laser powers from 1kw to 4kw it features unique time-saving features.

  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Cast iron bed for high-speed and high-accuracy cutting

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S Series

The S Series is specifcally designed for cutting very thick sheet metal and is available in a range of Laser powers from 4kw to an incredible 15kw to make cutting thicker material a breeze.

  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Super high power laser for very thick material

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T Series

The T Series is a tube laser cutting machine built for absolute precision. It has the ability to cut diameters 30% larger than other products on the market. 

  • Available in a range of powers 1kw - 3kw
  • 6500mm tube cutting length

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T-A Series

The T-A Series is an exceptional tube laser cutting machine that also features a fully automatic loading and unloading system.

  • Available in a range of powers 1kw-3kw
  • Automatic loading and unloading system

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P-T Series

The P-T Series is a clever flatbed. It features a fully automatic pallet changer as well as a rotary axis for an extremely versatile workhorse.

  • Available in a range of powers 1kw-4kw
  • Automatic pallet changer and rotary axis

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C Series

The C Series offers true cutting-edge technology that improves processing efficiency and saves labour time. It features automatic uncoiling, levelling and feeding of work material for continuous production.

  • Available in a range of powers 1kw-4kw
  • Automatic coil cutting machine

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