C Series

Automatic Coil Cutting Machine


The C Series is a truly innovative machine that improves processing efficiency and saves labour time. It features automatic uncoiling, levelling and feeding of work material for continuous production. Available in a range of Laser powers from 1kw to 4kw and different work areas to suit.

It features a cast iron bed for the ultimate rigidity and durability for high-speed and high-acceleration cutting.

Time saving features such as automatic nozzle changing and an auto focusing head ensure efficient cutting.

Cut carbon steel, stainless, aluminium and brass. A choice of laser powers and working areas are available to suit.


  • Model C Series
  • Laser Power 4000w / 3000w / 2000w / 1500w / 1000w
  • Plate Width 600 x 1250mm (C3013)
  • X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy 0.03mm
  • X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy 0.02mm
  • X/Y-axis Maximum Simulataneous Positioning Speed 140m/min
  • Coil Inner Diameter φ508~φ610mm
  • Coil Outer Diameter φ1200~φ1600mm
  • Coil Weight ≤10t
  • Simple to use software and controls

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