MSS Group at FABTECH 2023

25 Aug 2023

MSS Brings Laser Cutting Gas Technologies to FABTECH

MSS Nitrogen is proud to announce that we will be attending FABTECH 2023! This conference is the largest event in North America where industry professionals congregate to discuss all things metalforming, fabricating, welding, and finishing. As a leader in laser cutting assist gas supply and purification, MSS is honored to participate in this annual event.

This year we will be featuring not one, not two, but FIVE of our unique products geared toward laser cutting gas generation, mixing, and filtration. These systems will include the following:

MSS NitroCubeTM: Nitrogen Generation System

Our revolutionary NitroCube™ is the industry market leading brand in the UK, US and the Americas in the laser cutting industry in on-site, high pressure nitrogen generation. The most efficient & compact system available globally, NitroCube™ uses the highest quality components housed in our unique cube enclosure with sophisticated MSS intelligent monitoring and controls. All systems can generate nitrogen at purities of 99.95% to 99.999% that are standard, regardless of the flow rates.  With every standard model NitroCube™, the nitrogen supply is stored at 4350 PSI (300 bar) using a modular, expandable storage system.

MSS AirCube™: Compressed Air Generation System for Laser Cutting

The AirCube™ is a cost-effective laser cutting assist gas generation system that efficiently delivers compressed air on demand. This system combines MSS compressed air and filtration technology in a compact, elegant cube enclosure. Compressed air flow rates of up to 5450 SCFH (155m³/hr) and pressures of 218 PSI (15 bar) or 580 PSI (40 bar) are standard in this compressed air supply solution. Super high purity is achievable from the AirCube™ when integrated with our MSS PureGas system. Enjoy a quick and easy install for minimal disruption to production with MSS Group Plug & Play technology.

MSS NitrO2-Air™: Innovative Laser Gas Mixing System

The MSS NitrO2-Air™ gas mixer panel has been specially developed by MSS for use with high power fiber laser cutting systems. The NitrO2-Air™ is the only system available on the market today that allows on-line variable gas (up to 21% O2) mixing technology. Extremely compact, this system can be installed with minimum floor space without the need for any large storage mixing vessels. This clever technology allows significant increases in fiber laser cutting speed and gives higher quality cutting results, even eliminating burrs on lower quality plate material.

MSS N2 Flowbox: Laser Gas Use Measuring & Monitoring

The MSS Flowbox measures & monitors high pressure nitrogen gas flow into a laser cutting system. This allows the operator to measure the exact amount of gas used on a daily basis and even scrutinize the volume of gas used per product or per sheet being cut. The Flowbox can also be used for leak detection. As with our other laser gas solutions, the N2 Flowbox is also designed for quick & easy installation on any laser cutting system.

MSS PureGas: Laser Cutting Gas Filtration

MSS PureGas filters high pressure nitrogen, oxygen & compressed gas to particles sized greater than 0.01 µM and removes oil vapor to less than 0.03mg/m3 nitrogen. With quick and easy installation on any fiber laser, this filtration solution provides comprehensive protection against particle damage and oil contamination to the laser cutting system. This filtration system is a must-have for all fiber laser operators.


Why Choose MSS?

At MSS Group, we strive to offer our customers a “One Stop” sales and service solution. We know that our independent business will only succeed long term if we prioritize our customers; as we like to say, “We win when our customers win.”

It is our goal to serve the laser cutting industry by offering our “Total Laser Cutting Solution”. Our dedicated engineers work with all makes and models of laser cutting machines to supply you with the ideal gas supply and filtration systems to enhance your laser cutting operations.

As an independent firm, we don’t have to mitigate overhead operation costs that larger businesses do. We are able to pass these costs savings along to you- our customers- to offer our products and services at very competitive rates without compromising on the technical ability or experience of our engineers.


We are  looking forward to meeting you at this year’s FABTECH in Chicago Visit us from September 11-14, 2023 at Booth A3354 to meet the exceptional MSS Group team and learn more about our gas supply and filtration technologies.



To learn more about our comprehensive gas systems for your laser cutting operations, visit our product page here. If you’re ready to transform your laser cutting process, contact our experienced, customer-focused sales team to order your gas system from MSS Group today.


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MSS Group at FABTECH 2023

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