NitrO2 Laser Gas Mixer

For High Power Fiber Laser Cutting

You could be saving every day by running with NitrO2 enriched Oxygen Nitrogen.

  • Enhanced edge quality
  • Plug-n-play solution, compatible with any laser machine
  • Real-time purity mix change
  • The most compact gas mixer on the market

Why MSS? We're market leaders in the supply of onsite nitrogen generators and gas mixers.

  • Installed our first systems in 2004
  • Over 400 lasers running with MSS equipment
  • Our laser expertise GUARANTEES correct sizing, purity and flow rates
  • Rental or outright purchase – You Choose!
  • Unsurpassed aftersales support from MSS dedicated gas engineers

Cut Cleaner & Faster

With the NitrO2 Gas Mixer

  Enhance Your Edge Quality

Achieve better edge quality across the materials you cut with the NitrO2 Gas Mixer

  Highly Efficient, Compatible With Any Laser

Enable high power lasers to cut carbon steels faster and cheaper than oxygen. Increasing your competitive edge.

  The Most Compact Solution

NitrO2 is the most compact gas mixer for the laser cutting industry on the market.


  • Automated with Laser Intregrated Controls.

22% O2 Maximum


  • Independent Electronic Control & Purity HMI Display.

7% O2 Maximum


  • Manual Adjustment.

7% O2 Maximum

ROI In Less Than 3 Months!



  • Choice of manual/auto purity control
  • Enhanced quality edge without burr
  • Real time purity mix change
  • The most compact gas mixer in the market
  • Compatible with any laser machine
  • No mixing vessel required
  • Operates on pressures upto 34 bar
  • Electrical supply 110V/220V (NA for basic model)
  • Positional feedback for O2 setting (NA for basic model)

Air Cutting:

  • No compressor or booster required
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Faster cutting speeds for aluminium
  • High Pressure cutting
  • Flowrates 100m3/h & 150m3/h

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