High Purity Laser Gas Filtration
and Oil Vapour Removal

Extra Protection for Your Fiber Laser Cutting Head

The PureGas Range

Available in 3 different options; Nitrogen-Oxygen Filtration Panel, Compressed Air Filtration Panel, and a Nitrogen-Oxygen Compressed Air Filtration Panel combined.

Operating pressure up to 50 bar and gas flow rates up to 152m3/hr.

Triple-stage high purity filtration to <0.01 µm (micron) plus oil vapour removal.

PureGas Unit on Stand Powered by MSS 300dpi-min.png

Features & benefits of MSS PureGas filtration

  • Protect your fiber laser cutting head from particulate damage
  • Protect your laser system from oil contamination damage
  • Save thousands in potential repair costs
  • Extended cover lens life
  • Basic servicing - annual filter change only
  • Extra peace of mind



PureGas Laser Filtration Protection System

High purity laser assist gas filtration system

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