The Leading Provider of Nitrogen Generation Systems to the Laser Industry

  • Over 250 Lasers working with our N2 Systems
  • Sold & installed our first systems in 2004
  • Our laser expertise ensures correct sizing - purity, flowrate & system configuration
  • Unsurpassed after sales support from MSS engineers


Save Money

Nitrogen gas contributes a significant drain on laser operating costs. Imagine being able to produce your own… you could be saving £1000’s every month. Guaranteed low cost nitrogen, no gas rental or delivery charges and an end to spiralling gas costs.


Save Time

Now work out how much time you spend ordering gas, accommodating deliveries and stopping machines whilst changing gas. Think about the man hours lost during this process…



Have you ever unexpectedly run out of gas, especially over the weekend or experienced gas not being delivered on time? Well now imagine having 24/7 continuous operation with no machine downtime...



Problems with the “oxide edge” on mild steel components? With a nitrogen generator, high power lasers can cut carbon steels faster and cheaper than oxygen, with NO oxidation. Increasing your competitive edge.



Because laser users have to use nitrogen on their machines, the cost of purchasing our equipment is self financing, using money which you would otherwise have spent on ready made nitrogen, effectively a consumable


Payback Calculator


Work out how much you could save with an MSS Nitrogen Generation System.  Simply use our calculator to find out instantly.  Nitrocube Payback Calculator

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