Carbon footprint friendly solution for Benchdogs

7 Sept 2022

Innovative MFT tooling manufacturer, Benchdogs Ltd in Taunton, Somerset have recently added a new MSS Nitrocube high pressure nitrogen generation system to their laser cutting operation. Having used bundled gas cylinders to supply their fibre laser for several years, Benchdogs decided that they needed to improve the reliability and reduce costs for their high-pressure nitrogen supply.

Ralph Mignano, Owner, comments ‘after experiencing production issues directly related to supply problems with our bundled gas supplier, we knew that we needed to make a change especially as our gas requirements were increasing. We saw MSS at the recent Mach 2022 show and were immediately impressed with their extensive knowledge of high-pressure nitrogen for laser cutting applications and the compact design of their Nitrocube system’.

Ralph continues; ‘MSS gave us enough confidence in their ability that we made the decision to buy a Nitrocube system at the Mach show’.

MSS Sales Director, Chris Smith commented ‘Benchdogs needed a reliable, flexible and economic solution and our Nitrocube 1 system met their requirements very well. As Ralph decided to purchase our Mach show machine, we were able to offer him an incredible deal.’

The Nitrocube 1 system supplied provides high pressure nitrogen at 13m3/hour flow and 99.9975% purity which is ideal for high quality laser cutting, especially for thicker stainless steel. The system features 288m3 of storage at 300 bar pressure. All the latest generation MSS Nitrogen systems use the very best components available today which combine to make each system super-efficient. Typically using 25-40% less energy to generate higher purity nitrogen than other systems available. The new system also features MSS’ unique touch screen control panel that allows remote system performance and status monitoring.

Ralph comments further ‘the MSS Nitrocube has now proven itself to be more economical than bundled gas cylinders and saves us a lot of valuable space on site. We now don’t have to worry about running out of gas due to missed deliveries or paying rental on empty bundles that haven’t been collected as we have our own dedicated supply which generates the right quality nitrogen only when we need it’

With over 600 systems installed in the UK and US, MSS are global leaders in high pressure generation systems for laser applications. 20 years of experience manufacturing in this market now result in MSS equipment being considered as the most efficient and advanced nitrogen generation systems available today.




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