MSS Have a Unique Solution to Nitrogen Supply

2 Nov 2018

MSS Lasers know the laser cutting industry inside and out, which is why our team is fully aware of the daily challenges your business faces in trying to cut down production cost. Over recent years, the laser cutting industry has swiftly moved towards Nitrogen as a replacement for Oxygen to power laser machines. This is due to its lower cost and ability to support the production of non-oxidized edges to the process of cutting metals. The cooling effect provided by Nitrogen prevents materials from melting, especially on tight corner details.

The change in the way laser machines are powered has subsequently led to a huge influx of companies seeking a constant supply of nitrogen to achieve cleaner finishes and higher quality end results. There are still some common problems for businesses however, as indicated below:

  • Nitrogen is still costly
  • Lack of control over purity of nitrogen - which can affect end results
  • Supply chain - deliveries can be delayed
  • No cut back in production - keep your machines running and productivity high
  • Storage space - facility floor space required for new/used canisters
  • Storage time - liquid evaporates over time & canisters perform pressure dumps
  • Time wastage manage deliveries
  • Costs can suddenly change


How can MSS resolve your Nitrogen Gas Supply issues?

MSS Lasers have worked extensively over recent years to develop unrivalled solutions that work to improve the productivity, efficiency and cost savings for your businesses. After conducting research and development and consulting end users, it became evident that there was a requirement than just a constant supply of nitrogen. The gap in the market still remained in not having a product of high enough spec to resolve the issue bullet pointed above, whilst being easy to install and setup in just one day!

After conducting thorough rounds of R&D, development and testing, the MSS team have worked to produce Nitro Cube, an all-in-one proprietary nitrogen generator to satisfy the requirements of the manufacturing industry.


NitroCube is a game changer - generate your own supply!

We developed a nitrogen generator that provides unrivalled nitrogen purity. The range of NitroCube’s produced by MSS ensures that your business can get the exact nitrogen supply you require for production.

The NitroCube is simple plug and play system, delivering the highest level (99.98%) nitrogen purity. Not only is it a simple machine to set up and use, it provides solutions to the most common issues outlined at the top of this post.

No longer does your business have to rely on supply costs or hikes in these costs, but storage issues are also overcome. As a result, your business can have a 24/7 nitrogen supply to your laser cutting machines, resulting in a much higher level of production.

To discover more about NitroCube, visit MSS Lasers this November for our open day to get a first-hand look at how we can power your nitrogen supply whilst reducing your overhead costs.


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