MSS Ltd at Steelfab 2023 9-12th January 2023 - Hall 1 Stand 2133

3 Jan 2023

MSS Ltd will exhibit at the forthcoming Steelfab exhibition for the very first time this month. We are hoping that this prestigious show will allow a strong expansion into the Middle East regions this year. The following equipment will be on display.

MSS NitrocubeTM:- Nitrogen Generation System

The UK & US market leader in on-site, high pressure nitrogen generation. The most efficient system available anywhere, the Nitrocube combines the highest quality components housed in our unique cube enclosure with sophisticated MSS intelligent monitoring and controls. All systems provide 300bar nitrogen and 99.98% & 99.999% gas purity as standard, a huge range of flow rates and storage capacities are available to suit most applications.

MSS Nitr02 – *NEW* – Innovative gas mixing system

BRAND NEW to the UK & Europe, the MSS Nitr02 gas mixer panel has been specially developed by MSS for use with high power fiber laser cutting systems, the Nitr02 is the only system available on the market today that allows on-line variable gas mixing technology. Extremely compact, the system can be installed with minimum floor space without the need for any large storage tanks. This clever technology allows significant increases in fiber laser cutting speed and quality and give higher quality cutting results on lower quality plate material. Special show launch offers will be available.


MSS Flowbox - *NEW* - Gas use measuring & monitoring

BRAND NEW to the market, MSS Flowbox measures & monitors high pressure Nitrogen gas flow into the laser cutting system allowing the operator to exactly measure the amount of gas used on a daily basis and even scrutinize the volume of gas used per product/sheet being cut. The Flowbox can also be used for leak detection. Can be installed on any laser cutting system.

MSS Puregas - *NEW* - Laser cutting gas filtration

BRAND NEW to the market, MSS PureGas filters high pressure nitrogen, oxygen & compressed gas to particles sizes >0.01 µM. Can be installed on any fiber laser to give full protection against particle damage to the laser cutting system. A must for all fiber laser operators.


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