MSS Nitrogen Inc. Agrees Partnership Deal with Bystronic Inc.

23 Feb 2021

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MSS Group Ltd is delighted to announce that our US operation – MSS Nitrogen Inc. - has reached a partnership agreement with Bystronic Inc for the supply of NitrocubeTM – Nitrogen Generation systems and Nitro2 – Gas mixing panels into the North American market.

Bystronic Nitrocube & Nitro2 sales in North America will be fully supported by MSS Nitrogen Inc. for all associated installation, training and aftersales operations from our US headquarters in Rockhill, SC.

This agreement represents a significant milestone for MSS Group's global sales achievements and we are genuinely excited about the further opportunities that this prestigious partnership will bring.

MSS Nitrocube has been specifically designed with Laser cutting applications in mind; all systems are carefully specified to provide high pressure Nitrogen at purities of up to 99.999% to suit each customers requirement. We focus on overall usage combined with close attention to peak demand needs to ensure that the system meets demand with a carefully considered margin for redundancy to allow for additional unforeseen demand if required.

The MSS Nitrocube has many benefits compared with more traditional gas supply methods including potential significant cost savings, carbon footprint reduction and perhaps most significantly the system offers the user the convenience of generating their own Nitrogen only as and when they require it without significant system storage losses.

The MSS Nitro2 system allows the laser user to custom tune N2 & O2 delivery online to optimise edge cutting quality and cutting speed. Tests have proved that Nitro2 system can increase cutting speeds by upto 2x that of single supplies of N2 or O2 without the need for a separate mixing vessel.

Please contact MSS Group Ltd for further information.



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