MSS NitroCube™: Your Onsite Nitrogen Generation Solution

21 Aug 2023

How NitroCube™ Can Transform Your Laser Cutting Operations

NitroCube™ is the leading solution in the laser cutting market for those looking to optimize their daily operations. This solution from MSS Group provides high-purity nitrogen, conveniently generated on-site at your factory.

Requiring only compressed air and an electrical energy supply, the standard NitroCube™ range of products can generate high purity gas up to Grade 5.0. Flow rates from 11,020 ft³/day (312m3/day) to over 42,500 ft³/day (1200m3/day) of nitrogen are achievable depending on your operational needs. Much higher volumes are also available using the high flow range of MSS Group’s NitroCube™ solutions.

With the power of NitroCube™, your laser cutting operations never have to stop. Not only does the NitroCube™  remove the limitation of working with a finite nitrogen supply, but it also eliminates the production downtime associated with switching out cylinders in traditional gas supply methods. As a result, continuous operation is easily attainable with the NitroCube™. NitroCube™ also eliminates the high hidden costs and variability of long term rental contracts with traditional gas suppliers. The MSS NitroCube™ provides hassle free, low cost continuous gas supply at your ultimate convenience.

When it comes to the cost savings, making the switch to NitroCube™ gas generation is well proven to save money. Investment costs are neutral, as all current budget for liquid or cylinder gas can be redirected toward the swap to a NitroCube™ system. Multiple annual price increases, tank rental fees, trifecta fees, delivery fees, hazard fees, energy tariffs, and environmental charges are a thing of the past when your facility makes the change to NitroCube™ continuous on-site nitrogen generation. The NitroCube™ pays for itself in just a short matter of time; at MSS Group we call the NitroCube™ “self-financing” as our customers enjoy significant savings on their nitrogen supply and a quick ROI on their equipment.

As downtime is reduced, so is gas waste. When using bulk tanks or cylinders, there is significant risk of gas loss in various forms. Liquid gas vessels suffer from ‘boil off’ or loss through evaporation. Many times, gas cylinder packs are returned for refill before they are truly empty- some can still contain up to 430psi (30 bar) of unused nitrogen. With NitroCube™ equipment you never have to worry about wasting nitrogen gas in these ways, as the generator will only ever produce as much nitrogen as you need.

NitroCube™ Outshines Competing Nitrogen Generators

There are many unparalleled features that truly place NitroCube™ in a league all its own: standard features such as consistent gas purity, compact footprint, low noise level, long lifespan and modular design flexibility.

NitroCube™ standard nitrogen purity is 99.9975% (Grade 4.75) but can be specified for nitrogen gas supply with a purity of up to 99.999% (Grade 5.0).

The floor space required by the standard NitroCube™ system is very small, only 8’x8’(2.2x2.4m) with a height of 8’ (2.2m) as well. When you choose NitroCube™, you will save valuable shop floor space with a generator that compact and easy to work around. NitroCube™ is compact enough to allow mezzanine installation, saving even more shop floor space.

NitroCube™ generators are also modular and expandable. This allows users to either add more storage or even additional NitroCube™ units to provide higher generation capacity or additional high pressure storage and redundancy should your operation grow in the future. No other generation systems offer this level of flexibility.

Finally, NitroCube™ is the quietest onsite nitrogen generation solution by far. Whereas other nitrogen generators run at harmful noise levels, NitroCube™ operates at a much more comfortable 75dB making for a safer, more pleasant workplace for all personnel.


To learn more about NitroCube™ for your laser cutting operations, visit our product page here.

If you’re ready to transform your laser cutting process, contact our experienced, customer-focused sales team to order your NitroCube™ today.


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