MSS Nitrogen flying high with Vietnam Airlines

13 Feb 2019

Towards the end of 2018, MSS Nitrogen built two identical Nitrogen Generation Systems for Vietnam Airlines. Nitrogen is the most effective way to inflate commercial aircraft tyres, so the use of nitrogen over oxygen, prevents the levels of deflation caused by oxygen permeating through the tyre wall. Inflating the tyres with nitrogen also reduces the risk of fire. It therefore comes as no surprise that commercial airlines are now looking to generate their own supply.

The two high pressure systems are being delivered by our team at MSS to two separate airports in Vietnam, one in Hanoi Capital the second in Ho Chi Minh City.

MSS are market leaders in the supply of high pressure Nitrocube's for the laser cutting industry. However, utilising our 15 years of expertise building such systems, MSS are also able to offer turnkey nitrogen generation systems for a wide range of industrial applications, from modified atmosphere packaging for food, to preventing fire and explosions in chemical plants. Not only supplying systems to the UK, but also exporting worldwide.

To discover more about how Nitrocube can help support your business, please get in touch.



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