MSS Lasers to introduce NitroCube the latest Nitrogen generator for Laser cutting at Fabtech 2018

26 Sept 2018


Fabtech Expo is the premier global trade show, with leading brands exhibiting all the latest new technology for the metal fabricating industry. The show is aimed primarily at original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and end users who produce a mass range and variety of products.

MSS Lasers are delighted not only to be attending, but exhibiting at this year’s Fabtech 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia between the 6th-8th November.

The level of excitement is especially profound this year, presenting our team at MSS Lasers with the unique opportunity to launch and showcase the latest in innovative, cost saving laser cutting technologies, the NitroCube nitrogen generator.

NitroCube is a game changer for the sheet metal industry and the launch of this product is ideal timing for the laser cutting industry, which is rapidly shifting towards fibre laser cutting machines fuelled by Nitrogen for faster, non-oxidised cutting results.

Just one of the clear benefits from investing in NitroCube is the cost saving on continually purchasing gas, with no more nitrogen cylinders required, leading to increased workshop floor space and improved workplace efficiency. In terms of the NitroCube’s ability, it assists manufacturers and end users with cutting thick mild steel and stainless steel with oxide free edges for metals ready to be painted or welded.

Not only is NitroCube an ideal solution for powering both CO2 and fiber laser cutting machines, it produces the highest flow rate, gas pressure and purity level on the market today. As a small-footprint nitrogen solution, it is suited to both single and multiple laser machine use, regardless of nozzle size and flowrates required.

In terms of setup, NitroCube is also incredibly simple to install, being a “plug and play” nitrogen generation system, requiring up to just one day to get in place and operational.


NitroCube is made in the USA and will make it’s debut at Fabtech Expo 2018. If you are planning on attending, look out for the MSS team who will be present at ‘booth b9758’ alongside Parker Hannifin.

MSS Lasers provide a huge array of services not limited to the distribution and sale of laser cutting machines. As a complete service provider with a global focus, our team can support your manufacturing requirements and offer expert knowledge.

If you are interested in learning more about our range of products and services please contact us here.


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